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Custom Homes & Metal Buildings

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Light Commercial & Revisions
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Custom Homes
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Alex Panzera

Site Plan Review, Title 24, and Permitting
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Our Founder

After serving in the Navy as a pattern maker, Patrick Panzera began work at a custom cabinet shop. It was at this shop where he was introduced to a software company called SoftPlan. After using their software professionally, he went to work for SotPlan as a salesman. While learning his way around SoftPlan to sell it, he realized the potential that it had, and bought a copy himself. In 1994, he started Construction Designs with just one computer in his home bedroom. As his business grew, so did his family, eventually bringing his son Antonio on as a designer. Eventually the work load became too great for just the two of them, so Patrick moved in to an office just a block away from his home, and brought in more employees. In 2005, the business grew even larger and Pat moved to our current location. Using the same software he sold in 1994, the same software he uses for his customers, he designed renovations to the new building.

In 2020, Patrick decided to bring on partners to Construction Designs, forming Construction Designs LLC. Eventually, he plans to retire, knowing the business he started out of his bedroom is in capable hands.


Construction Designs is team of drafting professionals with years of design experience

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