Established 1994
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11th Ave, south of Hanford


12th Avenue and Flint, Hanford


For this Corcoran home, we designed the single story addition on the right, to match the existing 2 story home. We also added a second floor master bedroom on the back of the home. An oversized freestanding garage with living quarters above was designed for the rear of the property and is shown in the photo below.





This is a beautiful 2 story Victorian that we designed for a gentleman in the Delano area of Kern County. We've never made it back to the project after it was complete. We usually make it to the jobsite during the framing stage, especially if the project is on the more complicated side.


This home is in Lemoore and was built by John Daulton.


This home is at the corner of Fargo and Hwy 43. There is a mother-in-law quarters in the back and a game room with functioning dormers over the garage. The turret in front is the formal dining room.


This home is near Lemoore, out by Hwy 41. It belongs to people into horses, so we designed a little matching stable that you can see behind the house. The photo below is the same house, different view.


This photo is of a house that was still under construction at the time. It is at the Kings River, in Kings County, very near Selma.


This Visalia  home was designed for spec-builder Gatewood gallery Homes.


This is one of several high-end homes that we've designed for St James Construction. It's out in Kings County, on Fargo, near 6th Ave. The interior is as awesome as the outside.


This 4200 sqft 2 bedroom home is in Vintage Estates. We'd done one other home in that tract, but we don't have any photos of it.


This home is still incomplete. The brick-work is extensive. Every square foot of the exterior, including the ceiling in the back patio area is veneered with real used brick. All the trim that would normally be painted on a standard home (including the garage doors) is clad in bare copper. The dark bronze appearance is the patina of the copper. The last part of the brick work will include a perimeter fence/planter box, with wrought iron. All the walkways and other surfaces that would normally be concrete, including the driveway and both patios are brick as well. Look closely at the brick pattern and you'll see that the masons were instructed to throw away their levels and have a good time.


This home is on North Douty, Hanford.


This is one of several homes we designed for Tim Collier. It's on E. Sherwood Court, in Hanford. The next three homes are on the same street, built by Tim as well.


Same house as above, just a closer look at the awesome front elevation.



The next photos are of some work we did for  Pace Brother's Construction. These upscale homes are in Lemoore







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